Alban Vineyards North Vineyards Edna Valley Pinot Noir 2016

Alban Vineyards North Vineyards Edna Valley Pinot Noir 2016

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Producer Notes:

I named our Pinot/Chardonnay vineyard North because that exposure shapes the fruit; just as coming from Northern Ireland has greatly shaped me. As much as winemakers love to talk roots, and geography, there is so much more to any great wine. John is very attentive to fostering and protecting all the unique aspects of the North vineyard but he has no preconception or bias as to what is ‘supposed’ to come out of that block. You’ve all likely heard or read him rail about the idea of noble grapes, pedigree, and appellation: he believes that nobility in wine, and people, is an achievement, not a birthright. 2016 North Pinot Noir is a singular and unique wine with gun powder, broad shoulders, blue

and red fruits, and a graceful finish. There may be no variety that rivals Pinot in the certainty of its zealots as to ‘what it’s supposed to be.’ All I can say is I’m certain what this Pinot was meant to be; and that’s what we bottled. It’s not shy, but the same has been said of me… -- -Lorraine Alban. 

Category Red Wine
Region California, Central Coast, Edna Valley
Brand Alban Vineyards