Krug Grande Cuvee 168th Ème Édition Brut 750ml - The Grape Tray
Krug Grande Cuvee 168th Ème Édition Brut 750ml
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Krug Grande Cuvee 168th Ème Édition Brut



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Over 20 years are needed to craft each bottle of Krug Grande Cuvee, created beyond the very notion of vintage to offer the most generous Champagne in the world with exceptional finesse. As you taste it, notes of hazelnut, toasted bread, nougat, barley sugar, and jellied fruits may take you by surprise. You may even taste hints of apples still on the tree, flowers in bloom, ripe and dried fruit, almonds, marzipan, gingerbread, sweet spices and even brioche and honey. You may also notice its exceptional freshness in the mouth, with rich and tangy flavors of lemon and grapefruit enhanced by the subtlety of its fine and elegant bubbles. Krug Grande Cuvee can age beautifully.

Krug Grande Cuvees fullness is such that everyone can find something in it to stir their emotions. Its generosity also means that it lends itself to to a plethora of culinary combinations, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, from an extra mature Parmesan to a dish of turbot a la truffe.