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Wine Storage requires more than just keeping your wine in a cool location.

Your wine should be stored at 55 degrees which will enable your wine to gradually develop in the bottle. A constant temperature (variation less than 10 degrees) is important because a variation in temperature will cause the wine to expand and contract which can loosen the seal of the cork and possibly increase oxidation. Humidity of 60%-70% is ideal and will enable the cork to remain moist. This will minimize leakage and oxidation. Also, your wine should be stored in a dark and stable environment with no vibration. Excessive vibration will accelerate the aging process. The environment should also be free of odors which can permeate the cork.

Fresno Wine Cellar Wine Storage at The Grape Tray

Serving Fresno for 25 years. We receive compliments on our wine selection from local customers and out of state travelers.

Experienced wine consultants on staff. 

Two temperature and humidity controlled wine cellars on premise.  12 case, 18 case and walk in wine storage lockers available.

We source great value wines as well as collectibles. We offer quality wines and we will not attempt to sell you private label wines that have a higher profit margin!

Discount Policy: 6 bottles or more for shipping orders.  Local email subscribers receive discounts on bottle one!

5%-15% on mix or solid.  Some rare or limited wines do not discount.

Products ending in xx.x5 do not qualify for additional discount.

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